Some of the art from Sharon. 


4 Studies on Cherries : Realism, Surrealism, Expressionism and Cubism. (2013)



  "Scent of a woman" (2014)


  Koi. (2014)


 Eastern Free State Autumn (2015)


 Gliding. (2015)


 My favourite flower (2016)





Sharon : "I was born an artist. My view on life is softer and I feel for others. Others being humans and all animals. My husband sometimes looks at me I can see he thinks I am off on my own tangent again : I FEEL life in emotions. As one gets older, life also matures and with so many experiences behind one, the FEEL turns more intense. My love for water has evolved similarly. I love geese : they are so old fashioned and they are water animals. I love the sea and its waves. I love all water related subjects. I am inspired by experimentation and therefore I would often try something new - usually it works, sometimes it teaches. I love where I live at present - the Eastern Free State is magic with seasonal change.

I aim to capture emotion, even when my subject matter is not alive or looking away, I want my art to convey emotion. If you experience emotion when observing my paintings, I get a very strong sense of accomplishment. Art, for me, need to enhance the senses. Emotions enhance the senses."