We are about resting here, we call it the Marshmallow Effect. This is what we aim for. When a guest arrives here, more often than not, the stresses of daily life are fairly visible. Staying here with us is very relaxing, it must be the fresh air, the calm animal life and wholesome water – whatever it is, it causes the Marshmallow Effect : the state of being fully relaxed and easy with life.
So bring some books, hiking shoes and a walking stick. Some wine or your preferred tipple makes for wonderful afternoon sundowners looking over the valley.

But, should you wish to explore and feel a tad adventurous, below are some of the best our area and district has to offer:

<-- Right here at Springwater Cottages

Walks : The whole valley is yours to explore. From easy 1.5km ambles to a challenging hikes (see map) and anything in between that would interest you.

MTB : We have beautiful country roads just begging to be explored. The worst in traffic you will find, is maybe some cattle being herded or a flock of Guinea Fowl chittering at you. Download the maps here.

Veld drinks : take your basket, go and sit somewhere with a view and have some sunset drinks. There is almost nothing better ;-)

<<<-- Within 20-30km drive

Constantia Roadstall, (about 15km from here, toward Clocolan).

                Lovely roadside stall with a HUGE selection of cherry related gift ideas and goodies. They do have their own cherry trees and during cherry season (middle of October to mid November) they sell fresh cherries.

The Cabin Roadstall ( 28km from here, just pass the Clocolan onramp)

                A very interesting afternoon of browsing to be spent here with 7 shops, selling local products. Their kitchen is really good, breakfast or lunch is a must here. Try the Farmhouse Brekkie – it is HUGE (and delicious !)

Ficksburg Town worthwhile visits:

1)      McKinley’s chocolates are made in Ficksburg. Visit by appointment only. Please speak to Gavin 082 920 5551 and arrange.

2)      Pellissier Gallery : A treasure trove of South African art and the piece de resistance : the Pierneef San mural paintings. Viewing by appointment only; Renette Humphreys 084 664 3491

3)      Various Sandstone buildings/features:

a.       NG Church

b.      McBride’s house

c.       Prison

d.      Tallest Sandstone building in SA

<<<<<-- 30-50 km drive

Pinedene Small Arms museum. for security reasons, please arrange with the curator/owner Charles Barrett before you visit : 051 933 4301

Sangoma Caves

Rosendal town : a very small town with some interesting characters and “scenes”. It may tickle your fancy.

<<<<<-- 50+ km drive

Fertility Caves (80km)

Clarens town (100km on the dot):  A full day’s outing with many fascinating shops to explore and wonderful restaurants, to enjoy the odd rest interval.

Katse Dam (Lesotho): About 180 km. Astonishingly beautiful dam and the botanical garden at the wall is small but worth the visit.

Semonkong (Lesotho) : About 200km of slow going. Highest abseil in the world – 204m ! Accommodation is available at the falls.